The Laid Back Launch
Create a new revenue stream...
Without paid ads or promo partners.
You want to create a new revenue stream and you've got a great idea for a course, membership or coaching program. Now you’re looking for a clear, easy path to launching.
You've thought about creating a full blown course with a long runway.
It can take months to bring together all the details of a full-on course. Rent a venue, hire the tech team, host the videos, make a pitch webinar... it's a lot of work and takes a lot of time.
You've thought about doing a live launch with webinars or "product launch" videos.
A "live launch" can be really effective if done right. But if you're just getting started, it's risky to go full speed into joint ventures, pre launch videos and the perfect webinar.
You've thought about a 5-day challenge or a 53 person Summit to explode onto the scene.
Summits, Challenges are effective ways to focus people's attention for a specific period of time then offer your new program... but what if no one wants it? Buyers first. Challenges later.
You’re ready to launch your program and get customers — but without a stressful, complicated launch sequence.
What if you stopped planning every detail of your new program - and started getting buyers (before actually making anything) instead? 
Here’s the deal with launching a new program before validating your idea
People may not buy your course after you make it.
People don't want long launch sequences. 
People want help with their problems.
..and that’s where The Laid Back Launch comes in.
The Laid Back Launch

Step 1: 

First, we validate your idea using carefully engineered social posts and emails.  We get customers before we actually build anything.

Step 2: 

Then, we build social proof by getting our first customers share-worthy results.

Step 3: 

Then we build momentum by turning our customers into partners and advocates.

Ready to finally launch your new program? 
All you need is a Google Doc and a way to get paid.

The Laid Back Launch

Validate your idea. Get customers. Build momentum.
(before you actually create anything)

Here's everything that's included:

The Laid Back Launch Workshop ($97 Value)
The Missional Manifesto Script ($97 value)
The 14-Day Laid Back Launch Calendar ($47 value)
The Organic Promotion Checklist  ($27 value)

Today's price: just $37 $27

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover during the Laid Back Launch workshop:

1. How to validate your idea by "Separating Decisions from Details" (before you build anything)

2. The strategic social strategy that gets your target customers to raise their hand and ask for help.

3. How to use the "Ground Floor Effect" to create longevity with your new customers

4. How to create a "Missional Manifesto" that positions us as the expert... and someone people want to follow

The Laid Back Launch is everything you need to launch... the easy way
Let’s launch your program without wasting months (or years) deliberating every last detail

Bonus 1: 

The Missional Manifesto Script
Answer a few simple questions to generate a manifesto for your vision 
($97 value)

Bonus 2: 

The 14-Day Laid Back Launch Calendar 
The exact roadmap of what to say and do in a few minutes a day. 
($47 value)

Bonus 3: 

The Organic Promotion Checklist:
12+ ways to easily promote your launch without ads 
($27 value)

I love how easy this method is because anyone can use it... even if you're just starting out or have no following.
I stumbled onto the Laid Back Launch in August 2019.

I hosted my first in-person event in June.

The event was a lot of fun but it was extremely stressful to sell tickets. 

When my feet his the stage on Day 1, I was tens of thousands of dollars in debt to the hotel, restaurants, and vendors.

Leading up to the event I tried everything to sell tickets.   Challenges. Summits. Podcasts. Content marketing. Networking.

Nothing really worked. 6 months of stress and pain to get 37 people in the room.

Luckily, the event went well and we ended the weekend in the black, but I knew there had to be an easier way to sell my new program, The FAM.

I had a vision for a membership community where online entrepreneurs could get support with funnels, ads and emails so they could sell more courses, coaching and memberships.

But I knew I had to find a better solution.

So after a few carefully engineered social posts and a handful of emails to my small list...

No ads... 

No JVs...

No long runway...

I welcomed 27 new buyers into my membership.

Not only did I generate almost $6,000 in pre-launch revenue...

18 of those 27 are still customers to this day. 

And do you know what happy customers do? They buy other stuff. And they tell their friends.

That's when I realized the power of the Laid Back Launch.

A year later I watched in silent frustration as my wife, Christy's, event production business was shuttered due to the pandemic.

We felt helpless as she canceled or postponed every single event on the calendar.

After the fog had cleared she decided to put her event-production expertise into an online course.

She was skeptical as we mapped out the Laid Back Launch Plan for her course.

"Don't build anything" I insisted.  "Post <this> on this day and <this> on this day and see what happens..."

Her skepticism was well-deserved. She had no followers. No fans. No subscribers.

But when the doors closed on her laid back launch she welcomed 20 new customers at $100 apiece.

Isn't that awesome? 

Social posts + a Google Doc + a PayPal link and she had 20 buyers.

That's why I'm so excited about this process.

It gives you momentum when you have buyers.

It gives you confidence and clarity in your idea before you actually make anything.

And when you get share-worthy results for your customers you get testimonials.

This is the exact process I teach in the Laid Back Launch Workshop.

The Laid Back Launch Workshop

Get paid to create a new revenue stream

Here's everything that's included:

The Laid Back Launch Workshop ($97 Value)
The Missional Manifesto Script ($97 value)
The 14-Day Laid Back Launch Calendar ($47 value)
The Organic Promotion Checklist ($27 value)

Today's price: just $37 $27

With the Laid Back Launch,  you're just minutes  away from…
Generating your first group of paying customers
Validating your idea with buyers - before creating your program
Building social proof and momentum on the way to your next promotion

The Laid Back Launch Workshop

Validate your idea. Get customers. Build momentum.

Here's everything that's included:

The Laid Back Launch Workshop ($97 Value)
The Missional Manifesto Script ($97 value)
The 14-Day Laid Back Launch Calendar ($47 value)
The Organic Promotion Checklist ($27 value)

Today's price: just $37 $27

Real Q's from other laid back launchers
What if I don't have a following?
No problem. My wife, Christy, used a Laid Back Launch to welcome 20 new buyers into her course before she built anything. She had no following or email list at the time.
How long is the workshop?
The core workshop videos are about 52 minutes long in total. They are broken up into 5 shorter videos based on the big ideas of the workshop.
Do I need any special equipment?
No. You just need a way to explain your vision (I recommend Google Docs) and a way to take payment (PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, etc)
Still not sure? I’ve got your back.
If, within 7 days of taking the workshop you don't feel like it was worth your time, I will give you your full money back. No questions asked.
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